Day 1

Writing ^^^ Righting >><< Riting <> <> the Post-Colonial Body

Selina Tusitala Marsh (chair), Pala Molisa, Stacey Kokaua, Tina Makereti

Crossing over in the essay

Mary CaMary Cappello (chair), Jean Walton, Melinda Harvey, and, presented by Windham-Campbell Prizes, Maria Tumarkin.

Expanded Archives

Vanessa Berry (chair), Anwen Crawford, Keri Glastonbury, Alexandra Lewis, Beth Yahp

Writing the Book on Creative Nonfiction

Sean Prentiss (chair), Jessica Hendry Nelson, Margot Singer, Brenda Miller

Editors on Nonfiction

Nick Tapper (chair), Catriona Menzies-Pike, Brigid Mullane, and, presented by Windham-Campbell Prizes, Ashleigh Young

“Have Your Fake and Eat It Too”: Comparing Divergent Understandings of the Nonfiction/ Fiction Boundary in Autofiction, Memoir, Literary Journalism and COVID-era Novels

Tom Doig (chair), Sue Orr, Sian Campbell, Eiren Caffell

Non-fiction meets the non-human: Writing about animals in the Anthropocene

Courtney Kersten (chair), Rebecca Giggs, Ben Goldfarb, Chelsea Biondolillo

First Nations negotiations of nonfiction and the limitations of western understanding: representation and form

Jeanine Leane (chair), Alice Te Punga Somerville, Evelyn Araluen Corr, Natalie Harkin, Emalani Case

Communitasia: oversharings, choralings, queerings, liminallings

Francesca Rendle-Short (chair), Columbia College Chicago Elementary School, Walking/Writing and Symphony of Awkward

Zeitgeist: Writing the local, writing the times

Edwina Preston (chair), Sonya Voumard, Mark Mordue, Dave Graney, Jim Hearn

Whose Story Is It?

Patti Miller (chair), Beth Yahp, Kristina Olsson, Maxine Beneba Clarke, Jenny Valentish

How Do the Dead Speak?

James Hollings (chair), Redmer Yska, Martin Van Beynen, Scott Bainbridge

Day 2

Authorship/Authority in Māori Non-fiction

Nic Low, Paula Morris (chairs), Ross Calman, Ariana Tikao, Ruby Solly

Teaching Toward Justice: Student Voice and Power in Creative Writing

Catina Bacote (chair), Helen Betya Rubinstein, Leora Fridman, Felicia Rose Chavez, Steven Alvarez

Reader, User, Player: An Interaction about Interactive Nonfiction

Scott Russell Morris (chair), Sarah Minor, Eric LeMay, Tim Hutchings

What is Distance to You: Lyric Intimacies in the Archives

Lawrence Lacambra Ypil (chair), Mok Zining, Gopika Jadeja, Tess Fahlgren, Ploi Pirapokin

The Nature of Time and the Time of Nature in Creative Nonfiction

Brenda Miller (chair), Rebecca Beardsall, Susan Olding, Toni Jensen, Kristiana Kahakauwila

On writing and publishing family mythologies and the ethics of consent.

Rose Lu (chair), Lil O’Brien, Gigi Fenster, Alie Benge, Kyle Mewburn

A Traveler’s Guide to the Country of the Pandemic

Philip Graham (chair), Tabish Khair, Jeanine Leane, Michele Morano, Rima Rantisi

Associative Energies: The Crosswalk between Nonfiction and Poetry

Melody Nixon (chair), Hana Pera Aoake, Jacob Edmond, Rushi Vyas, Talia Marshall, essa may ranapiri

Disordering Nonfiction Now

Leslie Carol Roberts (chair), Lawrence Lenhart, Elspeth Tilley, Simone Gabriel, April-Rose Geers

Making zines, writing books: a conversation about writing the personal for audiences small and large

Bastian Fox Phelan (chair), Vanessa Berry, Anwen Crawford, Ianto Ware, Sarah Laing

Writing Australian and Aotearoa Anthropocenes

Inga Simpson (chair), Jessica White, Melissa Fagan, Delia Falconer, Nina Mingya Powles

Essaying the Impasse

Jessica L. Wilkinson (chair), David Carlin, Sophie Cunningham, Alvin Pang

Local feminisms: Global conversations

Emilie Collyer (chair), Francisca Diaz De Valdes, Ruth C. Fogarty, Zinia Mitra

Yoga and Creative Nonfiction

Convened by Jennifer Sinor and Nicola Waldron

Day 3

Calling forth our pasts, citing our futures: envisioning Kaupapa Māori citational practice

Donna Cormack (chair), Hana Burgess, Alice Te Punga Somerville, Ammon Hāwea Apiata

PLACE 2020-21: A Digital Exploration of Place via Nonfiction Writing During the Global Pandemic

Rachel Lichtenstein (chair), Jean Sprackland, Sukhdev Sandhu, Eleanor Byrne

Letters To What Will Come: An Epistolary Panel on the Future(s) of Nonfiction

Barrie Jean Borich (chair), Aisha Sabatini Sloan, Jen Soriano, Ira Sukrungruang

Essay2: Synergy and Conversation Between Essaying and Performance

John Bennion (chair), Robin Behn, Hasanthika Sirisena, Peta Murray, Francesca Rendle-Short

Resistance and truth-telling through teaching and learning nonfiction

Bonny Cassidy (chair), Olivia Guntarik, Oliver Shaw, Neil Morris

Word Whether Weathers

Julieanna Preston (chair), Janine Randerson, Mick Douglas, Andy Lock, Layne Waerea

Prerecorded Panels

A Misfit of Ghosts: How Haunted Memoir Rethinks the Real

Bruce Owens Grimm, Elissa Washuta, Jami Nakamura Lin, Steffan Triplett, J. Nicole Jones

A quiet chat about climate change

Mark Spencer, Allie Hanly, Jessica Hamilton, Ash Berdebes, Tessa de Josselin

Breakthrough Forms Forge New Social Structures

Amy Wright, Ira Sukrungruang, Sejal Shah, Rebecca McClanahan, Eric LeMay

Building a Model for Writing Collectives and Publishing Collectives to Heal the Trauma of Incarceration

John Proctor, Marzian Alam, Carolina Soto, Marvin Wade, K. Michael Williams

Collecting Essays

Beth Alvarado, Heidi Czerwiec, Joanna Eleftheriou, Jennifer Tseng

Creating Publishing Opportunities for Emerging Writers

Brooke Maddison,  Ren Koszarycz, Jerath Head, Wolfram-Jaymes von Keesing, Rani Tesiram

Difficult Subjects: Ethics and Representation in Nonfiction

Justin St. Germain, George Estreich,  Steven Moore, Erica Trabold

Facts and the First-Person Voice: The Truthtelling Crisis in Journalism and Creative Nonfiction

Martha Nichols, Sarah Fay, Miles Harvey, Moni Basu, Kent Jacobson, Damon Young, Jacqueline Keeler

History and Haunting in Creative Nonfiction

Anna Kate Blair, Eliza Henry-Jones,  Jess Richards, Heather Taylor-Johnson

Innovations in Environmental Writing

Leila Philip, Kendra Tillberry, Lawrence Lenhart, Heather McClelland, Michele Bigley, Jessica Wilson, Clinton Crockett Peters, Deborah Taffa

Introspection and Engagement with a Many Storied World During the Pandemic

Kerry Neville, Madhushree Ghosh, Tanya Ward Goodman, Chika Unigwe, Anjali Enjeti

On Self and Society: Memoirs of Political Witness

Marc Nieson, Glen Retief, Mai Khoi, Marjorie Agosin

Our Selves as Others: Creative Spaces between Fact and Fiction

Joanne Anderton, Amanda Niehaus, Rachel Laundy, Pip Adam

Travel Writing and Colonial Histories

Piia Mustamäki, Yuyutsu Sharma, Suzanne Roberts, Ravi Shankar, Ken Nielsen

Waterways: A Confluence of Women’s Voices

Karen Babine, Sawnie Morris, Ingrid Horrocks, Nina Mingya Powles

What Is Nonfiction Not? The Fluid Boundaries of Creative & Critical Writing

Chet’la Sebree, Holly Willis, Diana Khoi Nguyen, Jan Padios, Kim Knowles, Jenny Chamarette